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3W CLINIC – Gold & Snail Intensive Care Cream

  • Chondroitin sulfate, the major component of snail mucus,
  • Quickly relieves skin troubles and stabilizes stimulated skin caused,
  • While the moisture control of the skin walls and nourishment action make skin lustrous from the inside.
  • Also, it is effective to manage with preventing pigmentation of melanin using anti-wrinkle and whitening ingredient.

3W CLINIC – Enrich Lovely Foot cream

  • Prompt relief for even seriously dry, rough feet
  • Restore skin softness, Reduce skin cracks
  • Care uncomfortable feeling due to sweat or odor

3W CLINIC – Snail Eye Cream

  • Gradually dark circles around the eyes go away
  • This eye cream revitalize and firm up the thin skin around the eyes
  • Including Snail complex
  • Snail extract helps to smoothing wrinkle your eye rims
  • It gives nourishing and whitening effect to your skin

3W CLINIC- Collagen Eye Cream

  • Various extracts make skin elastic and moist
  • This eye cream revitalize and firm up the thin skin around the eyes
  • Including Collagen complex
  • Collagen extract helps to smoothing wrinkle your eye rims
  • It gives nourishing and whitening effect to your skin

3W CLINIC- Honey Eye Cream

  • Whitening functional cosmetics
  • Honey and propolis extracts deliver deep nutrients, moisture for healthy looking skin around eyes.
  • Various extracts make skin elastic and moist.

3W CLINIC – Collagen White Shining Tone Up Cream

  • Double functional cosmetics Whitening, Antiwrinkle.
  • Moisturizing, Nourishment, Soothing, Tone Correction.
  • Moist texture contains functional ingredients such as Niacinamide give your skin more clear and bright.
  • Skin tone is made much more bright so it give you look like natural skin.
  • Provides moisture smoothly.
  • It is velvety texture that is slathered softly and gives moisture your skin non-sticky and hydrated.
  • Antiwrinkle ingredient, Adenosine etc. is high functional antiwrinkle, whitening double functional cream that cares for fine lines of your skin.

3W CLINIC- Collagen & Luxury Gold Revitalizing Comfort 24K Gold Cream

  • This luxury cream contains 24K pure gold with a purity of 99.9%.
  • It can confirm 24K pure gold powder at the moment of spreading on the skin.
  • Gold component normalizes the flow of skin ion.
  • It is a vegetable collagen ingredient, It helps to maintain elasticity on the skin.

3W CLINIC – Collagen & Luxury Gold Revitalizing Comfort Gold Essence

  • Contains gold to moisturize and smoothen coarse skin.
  • Hydrolyzed Collagen helps skin moisturizing and vitalizing skin's balance to add on the comfort to the skin.
  • Revitalizes aging and tired-looking skin.
  • Helps make skin soft and supple.
  • Prevents moisture loss.
  • Contains soluble collagen.
  • Offers superb absorbency.

3W CLINIC – Crystal White Milky Cream

  • Mark the skin immediately, a mixture of milk, add a smooth surface, the need for urgent skin.
  • Whitening cream with moisturizing ingredients.
  • it also moisturizes skin so you're covered on the dewy front as well.

3W CLINIC – Crystal white milky essence vitamin+

  • It is a brightening essence that improves skin moisture and vitality
  • Also small pink bead and other whitening ingredients
  • Help skin radiant immediately

3W CLINIC – Intensive Uv Sunblock Cream Spf50 Pa+++

  • This soft cream type sunblock could be spread softly on face
  • Which protects skin from sun and its moisturizing component
  • Provides water to the face keeping it moist.

3W CLINIC – Premium Placenta Clear Foam Cleansing

  • This foam cleansing keep health skin condition by excellent moisture with placenta(pig) extract & natural extract.
  • The tender bubble make to minimize skin trouble and take care of clean skin by skin wastes removal.

3W CLINIC – Crystal White Milky Body Lotion

  • Suitable all Skin type not face
  • Natural functional ingredients deeply nourish the skin
  • Apply it as a protective film to improve the moisturizing ability
  • Deeply nourish the skin well, and refresh it
  • Contains four plant extracts bamboo, the root of the Korean angelica, ginseng and ganoderma

3W CLINIC – Collagen White Skin Care Combo Set

  • As nutrient rich creams contain ingredients whitening
  • Niacin helps keep your skin whiter, prevent pigmentation and brown spots bruise on the skin
  • Collagen from seaweed and licorice extract provides the skin
  • And limit adverse impacts to the skin, keep the skin soft, smooth and moisturized