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FARM STAY I Am Real Fruit Banana Hand Cream

FARM STAY I Am Real Fruit Banana Hand Cream gives smoothness, velvety, a feeling of comfort and a wonderful summer fragrance that will cheer up every day.
  • The cream does not leave a fat film on the skin, instantly absorbed, leaving the effect of moisturizing and freshness.
  • The product perfectly moisturizes the skin, nourishes and satiates with vitamins.
  • Nourishes it without stickiness and make the hand moist and soft.
  • Banana extracts and nutrition with rich moisture is well combined to keep dry and rough hands and nails soft and moist.
  • Banana to fill up the skin with moist when the skin is dry.

3W CLINIC – Enrich Lovely Foot cream

  • Prompt relief for even seriously dry, rough feet
  • Restore skin softness, Reduce skin cracks
  • Care uncomfortable feeling due to sweat or odor

KOELCIA – Exclusive Hand Cream

  • Suitable for all Skin
  • Moisturizing ingredients
  • Excellent for skin nutrition
  • Contains natural extraction oil